Alternatives to King’s Cross

At present available office space in King’s Cross is at a yearly low, yet our research shows demand for the area has never been higher. With office space being scarce, would-be occupiers are finding themselves looking to King’s Cross’s neighbours for solutions to their office space needs.

King's cross office space

Flexible Office Space in Camden

Camden is a popular destination for new businesses and attracts a wide range of industries. In addition to those specifically searching for office space in Camden, the area also see’s a high demand from companies that have failed to find space in King’s Cross. Although the regeneration of King’s Cross is well underway, it currently […]

Wework Moorgate

Co-working: Exclusively creative?

People often see Co-Working as a niche way of working; a method exclusively used by creatives and entrepreneurs but never utilised in the corporate world. It’s easy to see why, when the collaborative nature and natural openness of Co-working is overtly avoided in certain sectors. Yet despite the obvious reservations held by some, the Co-working philosophy

Occupying a Small Office Space in King’s Cross

The recent developments in King’s Cross have made significant progress in regenerating the area, and demand for office space in King’s Cross has seen a steady rise over the last few years. While this can only be good news for the area, the latest projects are all purpose built for large occupiers such as Google […]

Workspace Camden

Worklife Camden; a vibrant coworking space near Camden Lock

Introducing Worklife Camden, an exciting coworking development just moments away from Stables Market and Camden Lock. Worklife has been set up with small creative businesses and growing startups in mind and allows tenants to rent a dedicated serviced office space, or a coworking space, for a flexible monthly contract. Worklife Camden has created a unique […]